The journey through design development always begin with a process of endless thoughts & ideas that evolve into different folds of meaning.

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Now, as you were able to get a picture of who I am, how I work and what I can do for you and your space, it is up to you to contact me and lay the foundation for a new and successful find out more

The Designer

kelvin Teo:
+65 82008777 (Direct), +65 68585258

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Our Studio

Kelvin Teo:

+65 (0) 67469389

+65 (F) 67452485


No. 19 Tannery Lane #02-00 Singapore 347781


Furniture Design:
+65 (0) 67469389


No. 19 Tannery Lane #02-00 Singapore 347781

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To get the ball rolling, please email or whatsapp Kelvin your

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(2) Together with a short brief of your Habitual Needs & Concept

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You :)